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Sam Fratto
Business Manager
Financial Secretary
Local Union 363 IBEW


Welcome to the official IBEW Local Union 363 website.

We hope that you find it helpful as a guide to understanding our union and how it works. Click around. You should find everything you need to learn more about being or becoming a member. If you need help or have additional questions, please click on the "Officer and Staff" box (back on the home page) for contact information for every office in the union.

IBEW Local 363 is made up of approximately 3,000 members employed in our Construction, Manufacturing, Utilities, Telephone, Government, Highway and Supply Divisions.

We are affiliated with over 200 employers in the area and across the state. We have good relationships with ALL OF THEM. We are a very active union. We get involved politically and we consistently organize more workers into our union. We defend our workers to the end and keep our credibility by being fair minded and reasonable at all times. Looking for a union? Call Local 363.

We are also known as tireless contributors - both financially and physically- to our community.

We are ardent supporters of countless organizations throughout the entire state of New York. If you support our members rights to be organized and you support the use of union labor - we will return that support to you tenfold.

IBEW Local 363 promises our employers that our workers will work to a "Code of Excellence".

Our workers are productive, punctual, educated and have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. In addition, IBEW Local 363 spends over $1 million dollars each year training our members in the latest and most up to date methods and certifications in our trade divisions.

Briefly, our union - the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - was formed in 1891 in St. Louis, MO.

The IBEW was born from the need of the workers who were employed installing the new phenomenon called "Electricity". They found that the owners had been using them against each other to keep their wages low. They realized that they had everything in common with each other and that they could use that same philosophy to begin to raise the wages - if they acted in concert, as a unified group.

Although it has been over one hundred and ten years, the fact remains that business cares for capital and labor needs to care for itself.

The needs of the workers have remained the same and IBEW Local 363 is there to help those workers to help each other.

If you agree, come join us.