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Thank You Letters To The Members of Local 363

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IBEW 363 Members Survived the 30 Year Attack on the Middle Class by Being ORGANIZED

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Prestigious Solar Training Accreditation Awarded to IBEW Local 363

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IBEW 363 Earns RBA Pinnacle Award

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New York State
Lighting Controls Training Program

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IBEW Local 363 Looks To The Future With Latest
Youth Worker Meeting

IBEW Local 363 is leading the way to the future with our Quarterly Youth Worker Meetings which are held at the IBEW Local 363 Training Facility in Harriman. These meetings are an opportunity for our newer and existing membership to get involved and participate in discussions about the latest issues concerning our local, projects that are on the horizon and how laws and politics can affect us and our families. In addition to that, just general all around discussion about making our local even better than it is today.

We feel that this is also a great opportunity to convey the importance of becoming an active and educated member of IBEW Local 363. We want all of our members to know how we got the great wages and benefits that we all enjoy today.  We can only do that by informing and educating our new and existing membership. This is a never ending task that must be repeated each and every year – without fail. The members now enjoy benefits from the sacrifice of our past members just as our future members will inherit the local union that we pass on to them.
The meetings last about an hour. The meetings are informal and open. If you haven’t been to one, come to the next one – you won’t be disappointed.

The more members that understand that the union is something that belongs to ALL of us, the better off we all will be.  No member of this union is a visitor or a spectator – you are a valued part of this union. You are expected to be a big part of it.  Our goal is to EDUCATE. The more members that understand that we ALL must do everything in our power to protect and support the union,  the better off we ALL will be.

We still have some work to do in passing that message on to more of our members and we hope that very shortly every member will realize that this is one of the most important tasks we are charged with – bringing a strong union forward for our future generations.
Come join us in making these goals a reality.

IBEW Local 363 Recognized Nationally For Code of Excellence Program

IBEW: A Community Partner You Can Count On

There is much more than working at our trade that makes up the average IBEW Local 363 member. We are involved with each community in every county and every town in the Hudson Valley NY and upstate NY. We are community driven people who enjoy giving back to others. We know what the power of working together can bring. Our members are volunteers and Chiefs of Fire Departments, EMT workers, boys and girls sporting coaches over 4 seasons, scout leaders, Marshall arts instructors, night school instructors and leaders of many, many community and youth organizations.  

Special note-There are times when we need the community and we ask for their assistance. Our community has always supported IBEW Local 363 and we appreciate that support very much!  


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